08 January 2009

A so-called ad

I've actually got an important issue to post about: the rescue of a so-called "old forest" here in Sweden. It will be demolished mid march unless a lot of people click on the ad on the rescue site - it works just the same way as the breast cancer site, you just click it once a day, and the sponsors pay for every click made.

Please help me! Go to Ett klick för skogen and click on the bubble that says (in swedish) "Ett klick för skogen klicka GRATIS" (you know gratis = free, right? ;) ) as often as you can!

I'm so busy studying for my next exam on saturday, but I think I understand and remember most of all the stuff things are called in latin... I remember asking Angela what you call the "knuckles" in the spine, and now I have been taught that they are actually called vertebrae in latin as well... You guys have it easy!

I've actually gotten a lot of crafty stuff done this Christmas holiday, but I discovered yesterday that some of it (i.e. two small xs pictures) got packed away with the rest of the christmas stuff...
I've worked on Barbie clothes as well - H NEEDS a winter coat/bathrobe for her Barbie, she doesn't know how to LIVE without it ;) But the snap on button didn't cooperate, so I ended up with a huge hole in one of the pieces - nothing to do but rip that piece out, trace a new one and hope for a better reinforcement when it's time to punch in the button again... (The "male" part of the button sits perfectly on the other side, and I ain't doing all of it all over!) Handstitching is actually faster and better, I think, when making teeny weeny Barbie tops and knickers... "-Can't have them running around in dresses without knickers, mommy! Their teensy bits get cold!"

Oh and btw I thought I might explain my goal #9 with the snuggling: Usually in the evenings, when Hannah's gone to bed (and since sometime before christmas, she's slept in hubby's bed) I'm stuck in the study with my books and hubby's in the living room with the tv and laptop, so we don't see eachother much, let alone snuggle. But yesterday H actually went to her OWN bed, so we got to kiss eachother goodnight IN BED NEXT TO EACHOTHER!!! I'm totally amazed... And we actually got to sleep next to each other all night as well, I was half expecting H to come into bed with us sometime during the night, but nope! This year's goals are off to a flying start :D

Lots of love, this snowy windy day


AdronsCatherine said...

That rocks!!! No kiddo in bed??? Woohoooooo! LOL ;o)

I haven't ventured into the world of making doll clothes yet. I dunno - I think ours have to many clothes already lol! Everyone keeps telling me they are fun, quick, and easy to make, but I just can't see how something that small coule be either fun or easy...!

Good luck on your exam, sweetie!

patternnuts said...

I have dutifully clicked. :) I can spot the word "free" in any language practically! *laughs

So happy little H. slept all her own..... :)