01 January 2009

New year, new goals

I had to think long and hard to remember my stitching goals for 2008 - one of them being that I should finish my daughters christmas stocking, which just didn't happen. I hate the darn thing, the floss is horrible and thin, but I have stitched more than half of it, so if I just keep at it an hour a month (or so) I should be done before she moves out, right? It could be for the grandkids if nothing else...

New goals for 2009, then:
1. Do NOT buy more stash (other than what is necessary to finish projects)
2. Start one L&L santa
3. TRY to get on with stitching sis' christmas table cloth
4. Only do projects that make me happy, no matter what anyone else (hubby) says
5. Try at least one new finishing method

6. Do better at the housekeeping thing
7. Always read my school stuff BEFORE going to lectures - it really helps with the understanding!
8. Remember to take out the garbage and water the plants (or else the plants end up as garbage that has to be taken out...)
9. Snuggle more (also depends on hubby, of course)
10. Use my sewing machine more and post pics on the blog!

11. Keep up my healthy eating habits, so I continue to lose weight: only 5 more kilos to go! (Yay me!)

Don't hold me to any of it, I did call it GOALS didn't I?

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I vote give up #6 in favor of #10! :)