13 January 2009

New semester, new class

So the new class has started - principles and methods of nursing II sounds very interesting, doesn't it? Well, so far it looks like another tough one. All work and almost no play - but that's what studying on a higher level is all about, isn't it?

The saturday exam went well, thank you for asking. :) Not a full score, but I should pass with flying colours - with the usual disclaimer of "if I haven't completely misunderstood something". (But of course I got a feverish H back from daycare on Friday afternoon, so no celebrations this weekend, or yesterday.)
But saturday was ALL MINE!!! After the exam I went to see an ex-colleague now friend, M. She's recently divorced, got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (and bad too) and gluten intolerance, and lost her job - yep, she had it all happen at once... Now she's afloat again, but the arthritis isn't treating her very good, with the pain and all. This is a VERY active woman, she now works as a PT at a gym; do you have the Duracell (batteries) bunny commercials where you live? If so, that's how she is - she'll go and go and go and go until she's all drained out and needs a snack - and then she'll start over.
We had the best time - a true girls' night (read: afternoon) complete with ice cream and nail varnish. And still I was home before I was due in bed for my beauty sleep ;)

Yesterday I was at home with H, so she could recover from the weekend, and we got great things done: A bag for S' niece, a portemonnaie (fancy word for coin purse) for my niece - and I completed Barbie's winter (bath)robe!!! Pics will come in due time, I have some pressing to do still. Today after school we made two kinds of cupcakes, so I guess you could say I'm on a roll... I have a feeling this happened last year this time around too, this feeling of actually getting some crafty business done, and I believe I have now learnt to just relax, enjoy the ride and use the camera frequently - this too shall pass, sadly.

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AdronsCatherine said...

I'm so glad your exam went well! That's always such a nice feeling =)

Poor Hannah - I hope she's feeling better now. Having a sick kiddo is the pits! And your poor friend! Sounds like she's not about to let a few of life's speed bumps slow her down. What a wonderful, special, and inspirational person to have in your life! Being active really is the best way to deal with RA, or at least JRA, which I had when I was younger.

You've been getting so much sewing done! I'm jealous!!! I've got to call Noah's godparents tonight to see what I can sew for their little girl's birthday gift. They seem pretty trendy, but not as over the top as Ellie is. It's so hard sewing for a kid you don't know well lol! I can't wait to see pics of what you've made...