01 May 2008

When you think you have it figured out...

Then life throws in a little surprise for you.
Here I was, almost completely done deciding on the new house, and wham! DH gets a tip from a guy at work on a house... We went to see it today - and it's gorgeous. The spaces are exactly what we need, it's well kept both inside and out, the daycare is across the street (we're talking sitting in the kitchen window seeing what the kids at daycare do - the "street" is 6 metres wide...) and if we put on our shoes and walk about 700 metres away from the house - there's the beach! Sweden's largest lake 700 metres from the house, walking distance to schools and my personal high: the equestrian centre...
The price is fairly reasonable, there's nothing to do with the house except for wallpaper in two rooms - everything is perfect. There's even a little waterfall (handmade of course) with a fountain in the garden! I think we have a winner!

Thank goodness we haven't signed the papers on the other house - we still have the option to buy something else :)

The strange thing? It's the same real estate agent on both houses - howcome he didn't even mention this house when we saw the other? Same price range, about the same size except for the garage on this last one (on the other, they'd turned the garage into a spare room and a new bathroom). I have to say it, if I haven't said it before: that REA really needs some extra schooling - he's terrible! He has no idea what he's doing, he's just following some routine someone once gave him in "real estate school". I would never ever in a million years recommend him to anyone.

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patternnuts said...

Ooooh! Do I get another link to have a walk-through?
*fingerscrossed* for you. Who knew house hunting could be so "fun". ;)