17 March 2008

As promised!

Pics coming here - now that I've gotten online at my dad's network and the pics have been loaded to the pc :)

Other than that, life's good - Hannah has found the sink in my parents' bathroom and all the bath toys, so she'll be busy for at least 15 more minutes. Which in turn gives me the time to post!

First, the stitching is done on my stitchers wallet (as charted at swappons):

I still have to figure out how the layout of the "inside" should be, so a new pic will follow when it has been finished.

Next, my sister's "bourse" with the heart stitcher from A mon ami Pierre:
and a somewhat not clear pic of the outside:

And last, my newest nephew's toilet bag:

I think Christian is actually the prettiest baby I've seen - even counting my own "baby" H. I would've posted a pic of him if it weren't for the fact that his parents don't want him "online" just yet. You'll have to take my word for it!


patternnuts said...

Oh Anne! You're stitching is awesome!
I love the bourse. It looks so hard to make though!

Anne R said...

The bourse is actually the world's simplest invention - basically two squares stitched together, then turned inside out and stitch the opening together - then fold the corners and make a channel about 7/8 inch from the fold by stitching through the four layers. Pull a thread through this channel, pull tight and the bourse closes! Easy peasy! Let me know if you want more explanations, and I'll do my best!

Jenna said...

Beautiful stitching, Anne! I love the bourse.