15 February 2008


Life is looking a little better today!
First of all - it's friday!
Second - we made a new training program yesterday, with new exercises that will certainly be tough... I think it will be fun, though!
Third - I got chocolate hearts from hubby yesterday; a little chocolate always lifts the spirits! And then he told me I looked good - talking about being starved for compliments, when that little remark made my day sooooo much better...

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday?

On the stitching side I've almost completed the stitching on the Be Glad stitching pouch - the flowery border thing is all that is left, and then some finishing. I think I'll do some alternative thinking there, some cardboard "inside" the pages to stiffen them (kind of like a ornament) and pockets for scissors, bobbins and needlebook. Not sure what to do with the last page though (there are four)? We'll see, first I have to complete the stitching!

And you just have to love this:


patternnuts said...

Oh my, that is SO me!
Happy Friday!

Laurel's stitching said...

That is so cute.....and you are so right about needing more time in the day to stitch! Have a great day stitching...huggerz laurel