19 June 2007


Yes I was tagged yesterday, so if you read this: consider yourself tagged!

The idea is that you use the first letter in your first name, and answer all of the below with something beginning with your letter. Mine, of course, is A - so I could just copy everything Angela's answered, but that would be too easy!

First name: Anne
1. Famous singer/band: ----------- Alcazar (swedish disco group)
2. 4 letter word: ---------------- ants
3. Street name: ------------------ Amsterdam
4. Color: ------------------------ Almond
5. Gifts/presents: --------------- Apple tree
6. Vehicle: ---------------------- Audi A6 Avant
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: ---- Ashtray (for putting my keys in when I come home!)
8. Boy Name: --------------------- Andreas (my nephew)
9. Girl Name: -------------------- Amanda (my niece)
10. Movie Title: ----------------- Acopalypse now
11. Drink: ----------------------- Amaretto
12. Occupation: ------------------ Arms dealer
13. Flower: ---------------------- Azalea
14. Celebrity: ------------------- Angelica (swedish west newsreporter)
15. Magazine: -------------------- Amelia
16. U.S. City: ------------------- Atlanta
17. Pro Sports Teams: ------------ A's (Oakland Athletics - their logo is nice!)
18. Fruit/Vegetable: ------------- Asparagus
19. Reason Late for Work: -------- Acute attack of Alzheimers disease...
20. Something You Throw Away: ---- Avfall (= trash in swedish ;) )
21. Things You Shout: ------------ ARGH!
22. Cartoon Character: ----------- Addams family

Can you believe I had to Google for flowers, movies and cartoons? I had NO idea what stuff is called, and my memory is even worse so I couldn't even remember that there was such a thing as Acopalypse Now... I feel like I have the brain of an ant today...

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