14 June 2007

Biscornu exchange

So I mailed my biscornu for the EMS exchange yesterday - I forgot my camera, so I took pics of it with my mobile phone. Needless to say, the quality was less than excellent... I can't show the pics here yet anyway, as I don't know if my exchange partner has received it yet! I don't want to spoil the surprise... ;)

I've got a small project for myself too - I'm moving all the new freebies from the laptop to the stationary computer. And I can't seem to find the USB cable, so I use my USB memory stick as temporary storage - it'll probably take a little while to move everything, and then I have to sort the freebies into the correct folders as well... Why oh why do I do these things to myself! I really need to get an external hard drive to keep all my stitchy files in! :)

I've started my second L&L angel as well - nothing to show yet, but I will post pics as soon as it looks like something!

1 comment:

Chrisatinea said...

Anne !!!
Thank's for the biscornu. It's so beautiful.
It is splendid. I like this model. Do You want to make other small exchanges?
That would please very to me. I like to embroider and, especially to make exchanges. Thank you still. In a friendly way.
Excuse mon Anglais !!!
Je parle vraiment mieux le Français !!