15 May 2007

It's show and tell time!

I thought I'd show you my latest happy dance! I got my kreinik's and beads from my "mummy" in the US (thank you, Angela aka. Patternnuts! :) ) and could finally finish my L&L freebie angel! This is what she looks like now, not finished as anything yet - I think I'll frame her and hang her on the wall for christmas!

And then I couldn't resist showing you how the christmas stocking for Hannah is doing; I'm slowly but surely moving along... I don't know how this would've looked if I hadn't received the roller frame from my "stepmum" Tracy aka iagal - I still owe you a big thank you! :)


patternnuts said...

Angel looks great! Wonderful finish!!!!SO glad I got all the right stuff for you!
Isn't Tracy a doll?

Heidi said...

Your angel looks wonderful and what a great start on that stocking. Tracy "iagel" is my floss mommy too! LOL

prajantr said...

What a great finish. :) It looks wonderful.

Also, your WIP is looking very good.

Gabry said...

Great angel!!!!!