15 December 2006

Oh, I've been soooo busy this last week that I haven't even had time to think about blogging... My colleague N is ill, so I try to do the work for both of us. Needless to say, I don't succeed, but at least I get the most pressing things done!

The 13th of Dec. was Lucia here in Sweden, and my precious was celebrating at daycare - her crown was hurting her ears, but she didn't say a word as long as they were all "performing" but afterwards she cried her heart out when she got it off... My brave little one! Go here: www.sweden.se to read more about the Swedish Lucia tradition.

I've almost completed all christmas presents, thankfully my hubby provides the pressies for his part of the family and I do my half - it's working wonders for us! So far I've got pressies for: My niece and 3 nephews, my sister and brother with family (chocs...) and my "step-nieces" (my brother's gf's daughters). I had planned for my parents to get a pic of Hannah framed for Christmas, but it doesn't look too good... It should be going in the mail, but I still haven't seen anything, so I might have to come up with something else. Maybe some homemade chocs? I still have to get my one cousin and her daughter something as well - I'll probably get my cousin some nightwear and her daughter some santa's to decorate her room...

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