22 December 2006

I'm off from work today - they closed on me! lol It's great, I get a whole 6 hours to myself, to clean the house and wrap the last gifts for Hannah. I've got the Christmas cd's on and try to find the Christmas spirit in all of this hot weather.

My parents came to pick up all their gifts on Wednesday, and thank God we were a little unwilling to say goodbye... If they had left 30 minutes earlier, they would've been dragged along in a land slide! The road just collapsed, taking 8 cars and two trucks with it. The news are all over the media, blaming the department of Transportation for pushing the build of the new road there so there wasn't enough time for measuring and anchoring the ground before completing the road. So now travels to my family in Norway will take even longer - it was the main highway from the swedish west coast to Norway. They have no idea when the road will be ok again, so traffic will be in chaos for a long time.

Stitchy note: I'm getting there on my christmas stocking, but it won't be ready for this christmas... I'll see what to do in the mean time, I really want Hannah to get a christmas stocking in the morning! I can't find my camera either, so no pic today! :(

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patternnuts said...

Whoo-hoo! Glad you were able to get your wrapping and housework done! I couldn't wait until mine were in school Thursday, I had to take over the livingroom to wrap their things.....
Oh my word. I am so glad your parents lingered they way they did.
~Merry Christmas~