21 November 2006

The weekend gone by

I was at my nephew's christening this weekend - Nickolas is so gorgeous, and the only thing that makes it a bit of maintenance having him around, is that he's a "puker" - don't hold him with nice clothes on, or you might get a nice smelly milkstain somewhere... Other than that, he's all smiles!

Here is a picture of him with his mother (my sister) in all their doo-dads:

Here he is with his brother and sister at the restaurant where we had the dinner afterwards. Yes, you've guessed it, he's a result of two families meeting! :)

Of course, I suffer from motion-sickness and had to get on the train for 3 hours to get there, but it was worth it. We had such a great time, and Kristoffer (Nick's big brother) has grown to be a real charmer! He's turning 17 in february, and boy have the girls discovered him! He's got that whole charming shyness about him, and a smile that is to die for...

I've prepared for my next trainride now - I was at the pharmacy yesterday and bought some kind of wristband that is supposed to counteract the motion-sickness, and I also bought some pharmaceutical chewing gum - in case I get naucious (sp?) anyway!

I'm leaving for my grandmother's funeral on Wednesday (tomorrow!) and won't be back until Saturday. The internet connection s**ks there, so I'll blog all about it when I get back! I've decided to sing Lascia ch'io pangia by Händel in church, but with the more uplifting swedish lyrics. I am getting a little nervous though, seeing as the church is a huge one, see: www.ishavskatedralen.no and also http://www.destinasjontromso.no/english/index.html - you can see the cathedral at the top pic there. I also haven't had the chance to sing through it with my choir leader, so I'm still a bit uncertain about the middle part with lots of strange "jumps"... It's getting close now, without me being certain what I'm actually going to sing! No wonder I'm nervous...

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patternnuts said...

they look fantastic!
My mother swears by Dramamine she even used it while on a (boat) cruise.