28 November 2006

Back again!

The funeral was very... dignified! My singing went very well, got lots of praise afterwards. The church was a lot smaller than I remembered it - perhaps because I was 14 last time and the ceiling is HIGH in the "cathedral". I'm not accustomed to being able to sing so everybody can hear without using a microphone, but it was very nice. The space was perfect for concerts!

Met lots of relatives I didn't know existed, and enjoyed it immensely. They were really nice people! In particular Dad's cousin, Jimmy. He was a very enlightened man, a teacher in Norwegian and carpentry (I guess you can call it that) who'd studied philosophy. It was very interesting discussing the language and Wittgenstein with him, I only wish I could have such conversations more!

My aids against the motionsickness worked like a charm - didn't feel ill even once on the train, and on the way back I didn't even use the chewing gum, just the wrist bands and water with lemon in it.

I had quite a wait in Oslo on Saturday before my train left for Sweden, so I had a little shopping therapy... 5 hours worth of going through shops left me with a pair of brown dress pants, two longsleeved t-shirts, some fabric for ornaments and such, two pairs of really expensive pantyhose and a nail polish file. Needless to say, my feet were very sore when I got on the train! Thank you, Dad, for sponsoring me! :)

It was really good seeing Hannah again - it was her 3rd birthday yesterday! She got two princess costumes as well as lots of games, books, puzzles, coloring pencils and Cinderella on DVD. We spent Sunday playing and cleaning the house, and yesterday (after work) eating ice cream and watching Cinderella. She had a little difficulties understanding that Cinderella in the beginning didn't have the nice dress, and why was her stepsisters and -mother so mean? It's not easy being three years old...

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