25 May 2010

We're getting neighbours!

Yes, we are getting neighbours! They've started digging for yet another house (not the one next door, but the one next to that), and so far it's looking like a monster of a house... The floor plan is about the same as ours, but according to the rumours it's going to be a 2-storey building - that would be something around 240 square metres... Big family, perhaps?
And yesterday the couple that will build next to us rang the doorbell and said hi. Nice couple, very scandinavian looking (pale, light blondes with blue eyes) and they had what we call marrying looks - they could have been siblings... But (rumours again) they won't be moving in until Christmas 2012 - they haven't started digging yet, and apparently they're planning to do a lot themselves, so it will take time.

More than one week after our marriage, I'm still not registered as married in the systems - I'm wondering how long it will take? I'd rather have all registrations done before I go to Norway to work, so I can take care of the changes in my passport, bank account and so on when I'm there. Oh well, I have almost all of summer to do it...

Pictures, you say? Well, it turns out my camera is too smart for other people, so when someone else is using it all pics go blurry. I'm hoping Carolin has some nice photos on her camera - some of our pics are ok in a small photo, but look like s**t when I try to zoom in a bit. :( I can show you my bouquet, though - I took that pic myself!

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