02 December 2009

Digging and filling a hole in the ground

So, it looks like it will be a house after all - I can even imagine little H running on the lawn at the back of the house... We went by the lot yesterday, because the diggers weren't sure how big the patio at the back of the house should be and wanted me to tell them. I made them make it bigger ;)

The big hole in the dirt made a few days ago has now been filled, and tomorrow they will be placing the base construction for the house on top of all the gravel and sand. It'd better not be raining, because the base doesn't tolerate the wet stuff before it's set. If it's not raining, I'll swing by on Friday to get a pic before the actual house is placed on top of the base - on Wednesday! Less than one week from now, there will be a house on our lot!
Of course, H couldn't stand still when there was ice on puddles to be smashed ;) And yes, that is how H looks when she's at school; I'd just picked her up.

On other matters, I now have a 6-year-old in the house. Little H has gained another year to her resume, and I've lost my 5 year old girlie girl. She's still very girlie, but now she wants to add the "cool" ingredient as well - black is a very wanted colour, as it seems, preferably paired with purple... All the parties went well - H celebrated with S's side of the family on Friday (The Day), she had a friend who also turned six last week, so she went to her party Saturday morning (10-12) and then had her own party with the friends from kindergarten in the afternoon (14-18). She went out like a light when she went to bed that night. Then my parents came on Sunday, and there was much fussing and hugging going on all afternoon and into the evening. Mum read H a story, and then the light was out again. I don't think a weekend has passed this fast since we moved house the last time!

I am now studying for yet another exam, this time in medicine, and more specifically pulmonary and circulatory diseases. We'll start with bowels, bones and such next week. Lazy old me probably wouldn't have begun these studies if I'd known just how MUCH studying I'd have to do, but I gather it's too late to stop now, that would just be plain silly... Lots of love!

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