09 May 2009

This week's schedule

So, once again the blog has been less than updated... I've been so busy, as usual, that I haven't had the extra energy to blog. You might ask what I've been doing, so I though I'd give you the lowdown:

Monday - group work, preparing for a teaching lesson on Tuesday + went to Gothenburg to see Rigmor Gustafsson (Jazz) with S. Left home at 0700 to drop off H at MIL's house, and got home at 23.30...

Tuesday - All day in school, teaching eachother stuff. Tried Ashtanga Yoga and got VERY light-headed! Went to MIL to pick up H, had dinner there, went home and as soon as S got home from work, I had choir practice.

Wednesday - Left home with S at 0900 to go to Skövde and meet a contractor to see if they were interesting. Had lunch at a Thai restaurant - great food - and went home. Made a stop in Lidköping at "the porcelain city" (they used to manufacture porcelain there, now they have moved the manufacturing but kept the fabric sales) to buy some glasses and other bits and pieces. Got home, picked up H, cooked dinner, fell asleep on the couch.

Thursday - Left home at 07.15, S took his own car, to go see another contractor (Modulenthus) and hear what their offer was. Looks good, great building time and I really like the salesman - he seems honest somehow... Went to school, did a bit of studying, did the grocery shopping and went home to do some more studying. Picked up H, made dinner, fell asleep on the couch. S was at a concert in Gothenburg, so we went to bed at 22.30 - it was an early show.

Friday - Home studies, at least that is what I call it. Lots of surfing and fondling all kinds of stash to see what I HAVE to take with me so I can craft a little while we're NOT in our own house. Went to rehearse this sunday's repertoar with the pianist, got home, had something to eat (a sandwich), picked up H early so we could do some gaming before making dinner and watching Peter Pan with her. S was at a concert in Gothenburg (3rd time this week!), so I went to be alone - S wasn't home until 01.00...

Saturday - is today! So far, the only plan is to try to get some studying done, and get the bathroom cleaned, so today looks relaxing enough.
Sunday (Tomorrow) - I will be in church from 10 till 12 singing, my inlaws are coming over with lots of boxes, so we'll start packing the things we won't need until we've moved to our own house again. (We're hoping to be moving in before Christmas, so the XMas decorations will definitely be stored.)
And then it's monday and school again...

So, that was my week - there's a certain pattern in the afternoons, don't you think? ;) How was your week?

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