26 March 2009

Happy birthday...

to me! Yep, I'm turning 34 today - and I've got the powertools to prove it! Big S and little H came singing the birthday song to me, H had made me a plastic canvas bookmark with thread and needle and all, and there was this big square box, quite heavy too. I open it up, and what did I find? A Bosch cordless screw driver! It's so small and cute, now I too can screw together stuff in a jiffy :)

My parents are coming this afternoon to celebrate, and little H is all over the place with excitement - we're turning on the disco lights this evening!

I've got a ton of birthday cards this year; mainly because I've joined a birthday card and floss exchange over at Brooke's Books Interactive (yahoo group) - and the cards have been coming all month long. A month long celebration, who can resist? Here's a pic of the cards I have gotten, with the floss next to "mount cards".

Thank you SO MUCH all of you - there are some truly crafty people out there, some of the cards are handmade... It's my living room table, in case you were wondering - and yes, we have put up our easter decorations.

Other news: Our house is now up for sale, even though we're not buying any of the houses we went to see. We're thinking of building a new one instead - less hassle, great fun and perfectly customized for US. If so, we will be building in big S' home town so little H can have the family near by. Exciting times, folks!
I'm now on the next course, which is "Human learning and development in a changeable society" - in plain speak, we learn how to teach people about stuff (ie. their illness) and how to customize our information to the individual. It's all about the individuality of people, all the time, folks! Remember: You are unique in your own setting, with your own values and your own set of hopes, dreams, abilities and shortcomings. I'm supposed to understand all of them. ;)


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and lots of great stitching. Enjoy.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Happy birthday Anne and many happy returns!!!
What exciting plans you are having!

AdronsCatherine said...

Happy birthday!!! I hope you have had a wonderful day =D

Building a house is less hassle? Whew! I can't imagine having to do that, but I would love to have a perfectly custom home ;o) That will be so nice to live close to family, too.


Katie said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a fabulous day. You received lots of lovely cards and all the beaufitul colors of floss.

I love your marble topped table.

Daffycat said...

Have the happiest of birthdays, Anne!