22 April 2008

We got it!

They took our offer on the house! So now we have to get the official OK-stamp on it, and then we sign the papers. Sooooo many thoughts running through my head right now, cleaning out our current home to make the move easier, and not to mention make the sales pictures look better! Home styling, anyone?

On a less happy note they have now officially warned us that there will be layoffs at work this summer. 10 people will be forced to leave, from an already slim staff. They've gone through this for several years in a row now, mainly because the managers are unwilling to get more customers - they rely solely on our biggest customer, and when the big customer lose sales big time in the US that affects our sales directly... I'm on a short term contract, so I'm not affected more than that my contract won't be prolonged - which is according to plan, as I intend to start studying this fall. But the really scary thing is that they will probably cut where the cuts are really noticeable - sales/marketing and customer support + production. How do they plan on selling more to other customers if they don't have customer support and a sales department who can answer calls????? I give up, I go home in stead.

(And yes, when we planned for buying a new house, we made our budget based on me studying, so losing my job doesn't change any of that. At least there is some light in the tunnel for me personally!)

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patternnuts said...

I am so relieved to hear that you have planned so carefully!