26 November 2007

This past weekend

Whew - the weekend is over! I love my parents and my nephew, but I'm not used to having that much NOISE around me! My nephew and H played really well together, despite the 5 year difference in age - they kicked some ball in the hallway (all doors closed makes a fab 4-meter stretch), beaded a bit, chased eachother... :) All was well and H loved her first birthday party! :)She got a beautiful red watch from her grandad, and it almost hasn't left her arm since. She keeps checking what time it is... She also got really nice presents from her auntie (my sis), my brother's kids, and a beautiful little porcelain figurine with a child saying the Lord's prayer from my brother; that one has to stand at her place at the dining table so she can admire it all the time...

Friday was a pain in the B... Snowing and raining, early start in the dark, so it was really hard on the eyes. Then a few more ok hours in the car, we went to the meeting like we were supposed to, and then head back - and the snowing started again. This time the snow was dry though, so the visibility was good. I made a stop at IKEA to buy some shelves for my "crafties" and a very nice man helped me load the (surprisingly heavy) shelves in the car. TG for Estate cars and helpful strangers!
I started driving at 6 in the morning and got home at 7 in the evening, so it was a really long day. I was exhausted and fell asleep at 10 without as much as making a stitch...

My dad helped hubby put the book shelves together on saturday and took the old shelves apart and put it in their van. I think we made a really good deal - I got two bookshelves (Billy 80x194) and they got my old one (120x190). They needed it for stuff in their bedroom... Of course there were two screws missing from the IKEA doors, but IKEA is always very helpful when it comes to nuts and bolts - just give them a call and they'll put whatever is missing in an envelope and send it to you. :) So I now have excellent shelving for my stuff - I could even fit my sewing machine! I don't think I'll post any pics though, I need some boxes to put my fabrics in before it looks perfect behind the doors... But now at least I have doors I can close on my mess, and hubby is happy he doesn't have to see it! :)

On the stitching side of things I discovered a band sampler SAL over at http://tites-croix-de-caro.over-blog.com with great pics of all the stitches, so I had to start it yesterday. So far, I've finished the three first bands - I HAD to do something other than my secret stitching, although I should really get a move on that now... Xmas is closing faster than I thought, I have to finish H's advent calendar as well. At least now when I've got my new shelves, I know where the hangers for her calendar are! ;)

Pics will come when the timing is right... Until then, happy stitching!

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patternnuts said...

I must have pics once the bookshelf/stash cubby is ready for its debut!