21 November 2007


I don't have much to post now, as I'm working on a secret project for someone who occasionally reads this blog. But I promise to show pics once the project is completed and delivered! :)

I've been really lazy with the SBQ's lately as well; I will try to do better from now on!

I'm going to meet one of our biggest customers on Friday; first we were planning on taking the train there, and then it turned out I wouldn't be back here until 8 in the evening, so now I'm planning to take the company car there and back. It's a four hour drive each way, so it will be a long day no matter how I try to twist my tail... My parents are coming this weekend to celebrate little H's 4th birthday (the 27th), so the big question is wether they'll be here on Friday or Saturday? Will I be home when they get here? How many cars can we fit on our driveway? One in the garage, one outside - can we squeeze in two cars outside, or should I take the company car back to work asap on saturday morning? Questions, questions... I'll let you know the answers to all of this when it is all over! :)

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patternnuts said...

Happy Birthday H.! ((HUGS))
Don't worry I haven't been doing the SBQs much either. It's all good though. Sometimes we don't have much to say for them!