01 November 2007

Life as DINK

So, H got better - after, of course, first having been worse... She had the most horrible cough on friday afternoon, so we went to the doctor's and got some strong cough medicine and the advice to go to the ER if it got worse, so she could breathe in adrenaline to open up the airways. Thankfully, we didn't need to do that, as the cough medicine worked quite well - she didn't wake up coughing more than four or five times that night... Now she's got a "normal" cough, still on the medicines but it's not scary anymore. She's stopped crying because she's coughing now!
We sent her on autumn leave to her grannie so we could go to work (end of the month and all) - but of course her gran doesn't know that, she thinks it's just because H wanted to come visit... ;)

We had a "grown up" evening yesterday - kind of reminded me of how life was before H came into our lives, not a care in the world and no after-work stress... Life is pretty hectic when you work full-time and have a child in daycare to pick up in the afternoon and cook dinner for before bedtime! I wouldn't change it for the world, but two days as a DINK household really makes you think about the priorities you make! I look forward to next autumn, when I'm in school and hopefully will have more time for H and life in general...

Talking about life in general, I spent last night doing some cartonnage (see Faby's blog for examples) - I'm making a basic square box with a stitched lid and fabric covered sides to keep my laces and ribbons in. It was great fun, until this morning when I discovered I had glued the stitched part of the lid on the wrong way, so the design makes it look like you open the box "sideways", like a book, instead of the usual way. Other than that it looks good, so I don't think I'll bother ripping it off and glueing again... I have to think about that some while crafting the bottom of the box this evening! Pic (hopefully) tomorrow!

I think I listened to too much music while crafting, I'm not used to having noise in the house after 1900 hours... I get easily distracted!

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Jenna said...

DH and I are DINKs, so I know exactly what you mean. I can only imagine what changes occur when you add a child into your life.