22 March 2007

Oh, my goodness...

I didn't realize it'd been that long since my last post! Been busy with work and all that...

I've mailed my application for the fall, to start training to be a nurse. I finally figured out that although it is nice to make money, I don't want that to interfere with me being happy with what I do in the future! And if I want to study, I have to do it now, before I get too old and lazy to be poor again... + it's really good hours for my "baby" Hannah while she is small. I know I'll be accepted, so now it's only a matter of working my way through the days until then, trying to save up as much money as I can to have SOMETHING to fall back on.

I've ordered some stuff from a swedish company that is going bancrupt (no, I'm not so stupid that I payed beforehand) - some linen threads, buttons, some stork scissors and a HUGE table cloth for christmas. I got some good discount, so it won't be as expensive as usual. BTW, this part of the post is totally contradictory to the last paragraph... Saving money AND shopping for stash? Oh well, I can't think of everything!

Got word from my "mum" that my Kreiniks are on their way... Yay! In not too long I can finish my L&L angel!
Last bit of info from the land up north: Our first spring flowers have sprung! The crocus are blooming in the front flowerbed, now I'm just waiting for my favourites, the red tulips!

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patternnuts said...

Oh my word, ages since the last update! What are you trying to do to me?
And on the threads- they didn't come today. *grrr, I am not a very patient stash person!