01 December 2006

Extreme manipulator

When I was at home for my gm's funeral, I got a lenghty conversation with my father's cousin about extreme manipulators - it seems I have one here at work... I work at a marketing department, as an assistant, and we're two in my office, me and N, a marketing director, D, and then there's technical support, C - that's my manipulator.

I get so sad when he tries to manipulate me, and when he can't he just excludes me from everything; there's absolutely NO contact between the two of us when our colleague isn't here. I guess he doesn't think I'm worthy... *chuckle* I can see what he is doing, and I try not to care, but being human means that you're vulnerable and take in the hidden criticism... The overall feeling is that I'm just ruining everything for him and our colleague, by asking questions about how we should do things. It seems that he's decided for himself how to do things, and what the company/our boss/I think, is irrelevant. I've only been here since september, so it's not that strange if I want to have set policies on things!

It's the small things that do it - he leaves when I arrive, he and N will stop talking when I ask what they're talking about, he's ALWAYS negative whatever I or anyone else says. But then he can also be very polite, answers if you ask him a question and seems only too happy to help. Just don't try to make him change... I'm not sure if that qualifies him as an extreme manipulator, but he's manipulating all right!

Stitchy note: I've almost completed my gran's angel, and have decided to make it into an ornament so I can remember her every year at christmas. I've decided to replicate the one I made for Mimmi as well, can't have one as an angel ornament and not the other! :) I'll get some pics up this weekend.

Have a nice weekend! I'll finish off with a picture from the fantastic Vega Islands in Norway:

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