15 November 2006

That's Life for you...

Just when Life seemed to go on the right way without any glitches, my father called me yesterday evening and told me that my grandmother has passed away.

Some of you already know that my maternal grandmother (Mimmi) died earlier this fall, and you might also remember that my paternal grandmother had Alzheimer's and was diagnosed with colon cancer late this spring. I went to visit her when I was there for Mimmi's funeral, and now I am really glad I did. We stayed with her long enough for her to (at least I think so) recognise us, and we were able to hug her and tell her that we loved her. We've been hoping that it wouldn't be so long before she could rest, and now it's over. My dad was there, held her hand and stroked her cheek and told her it was OK to leave us now. He thinks she'd been waiting for him, because everything had been calm for weeks, and as soon as he came through her door at the ward, she just slipped away. He initially planned to go back home yesterday morning, but postponed his flight a couple of days. That's intuition if I ever heard of it!

So, now there are lots of things to plan: Flowers, flights and trainrides to book, what to sing (I've been asked to sing at the funeral, as I did for my other grandmother) and there's the stitching part of it. I stitched Mimmi an angel to take with her, and I don't want this grandmother to be without either. I've picked out the fabric, threads and pattern, so I'll get started this evening after dinner. I haven't decided wether or not to take pics of it - I couldn't bring myself to take any pic of the angel I stitched for Mimmi because it felt too personal... I'll get started, and then I'll see what I do.

I had the best time looking through my floss to see what colours the angel should be - looking for just the right colours for my grandmother. Mimmi's angel was a golden beige one, with some blue for change and a little gold sprinkled around here and there. This one will be in purples (think DMC 550-553) and a dark, lush green with golden hair, wings and details.

A positive note: I think I know how to post pics here! Just as a test, here's a pic of the "life motto" I've had on my desk forever!

Until next time - take care and remember to SAY that you love your loved ones! :)

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patternnuts said...

Hugs for you Anne.
And it's so beautiful, stitching something so personal for her.