11 November 2006

I finally gave in...

So I finally gave in to my friend Angela's suggestion and started a blog... I have no idea how this works, but I'll give it a try just for the fun of it!

Angela (patternnuts) suggested that I write a blog ages ago, and then the thought just grew. I'll be blogging about my life, my cross-stitching and whatever else comes to mind. I always used to write little notes here and there when I was younger, so this is a continuation of that.

I have a little daughter, Hannah, who right now thinks this computer-stuff is totally uninteresting and would rather play with me... I'd better listen to her, don't I?

Well, here's to you Angela: look what you've started!


patternnuts said...

Hey there! If you need any help just holler! :)
Did I really corrupt you that badly?

Oh yeah- Where's the wishlist anyways? (*chuckle)

zohrah said...

Hello AnneR...welcome to blogging world....More pictures!! More pictures.

As for posting comments...how about enabling blogger too (plus word verification) as I can see only those with Google Account can comments. ;)

Outi said...

I still remember those days whe I had to persuade Angela into blogging.
Oh, good old days... it's year or so since then and see what she's doing to ther innocent souls. ;)

Ami said...

Hej Anne och vilkommen til... err.. crap. I have no idea how to say "blogging world" in Swedish :P It's been entirely too long since I lived in Sweden.

Anyway, hello!

prajantr said...

Hello! Looking forward to peeking in now and then to see what you are working on. :)